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Powder in Japanese traditional culture:

Report of visit on Worker of gold Lacquer (Japanese makie)
 When we consult to English-Japanese dictionary , a word "japan", go with "u(URUSHI)v:a lacquer tree". If we write J in capital letters , it is the name of country Japan. How to "Japan" and "japan" can be distinguish in coversation? Distinction of a large letter is not finished by pronunciation.
I have a following experience. As a souvenir for a American, I had a high-quality lacquered and expensive tiepin, that I had a hard time to explain the height of the value to the party knowing nothing about a gold lacquer. That may well be , I took a British-Japanese dictionary and explained it. I must spend very long time to explain it, that how the lacquer japan is the world highest grade lacquer which was from age of prehistory of Japan. Then he proudly lectured in detail for the souvenir to other peoples. I did not like that. But this is an inevitable cultural differences. I think.