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A simple question of housewife's grinder for food
Often , from many housewife, I hear how to get the stone mill. Recently,we can easily get through net. It is cheap. About 200 dollars. Such as Family Grain Mill. But it is a bad quality. I got it from mail order, but It is only for decoration.

I am interested in a stone mill and I want to make spice. I am glad to have some interest in a stone mill. However, it is terrible to obtain a true stone mill. It is expensive. You can find some cheep article, but it is penny wise and pound foolish. Because a commercial machine is rotate high speed and taste is lost. If you want to make a spice , you must go back to the starting point , and you must use a stone mill. The way is buys a mortar for paint in stationery shop. I use for grind the sesame.
The mortar (pestle) is about a diameter of approximately 8 cm, which is less than 2 dollar. There is no waste at all. Please test it a little. This is my secret information. On web site ( etc by key word "pestle".