I love singing sand forever..

New information for singing or booming sand in the World, August 18, 2004

We can find many sites in w.w.w. sites,which include some informations for singing sand or booming sand. Following list are some of them. Recently, we can find the some site for singing sand or booming sand on www. But they are almost in USA. I ardently expect it all over the world.
1. Title:The song of dunes as a spontaneous mechanical LASER

2. : Title:Here's Sand in your eye

3. : Sound-Producing Sand:Avalanches;Analysis of the theories and experiments done so far on sound-producing (e.g., roaring, booming) sand avalanches.
The authors are friends through IT.

4. : This site is in Japanese. This report show the singing sand in Malaysia,Rantau Abang in a english map.

5. : The Sound of Seismic - Singing Sands

6. : D. T. TREXLER, et al.:Singing and Booming Sand Dunes of California and Nevada

Eastern Mojave Vegetation, Singing and Booming Sand Dunes of California and Nevada. They show the map of the locations

7. @FThe Phenomenon of. "Singing and Booming" Sand

8. Book Josephine Tey:"Singing Sands" $27.95

While traveling on the night train to Scotland, inspector Alan Grant is disturbed by a dead man in B-7. The deceased was a young man who had been drinking heavily. Having accidentally carried off the dead man's newspaper, Grant discovers a cryptic poem beside the newsprint that speaks of "The beasts that talk. The stones that walk. The singing sand. That guard the way to Paradise." On sick leave from Scotland Yard, the inspector's instincts take over as he uncovers clues to a diabolical murder.