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Big news for musical sand in the world

New Cultural center for musical sand opened in Amino-town in Kyoto prefecture. We constructed , by help of The Association of National Trust in Japan, a new culture house of musical sand (a museum of Musical Sand) (Formal name is JNT Heritage Center Singing Sand Culural Center)

In the house the samples of sands, with the microscopic photographs of sands and the scenery of the beaches or desert's , for many places in the world , are main items of the house. Every Visitor for the house has deep emotion for the sound of booming sand. You can hear by video.


Another important item is a sample from a tomb of King Kufu , in Egypt. ‚` reporter of TBS television brought me the sample.

Sand in piramid of king KUFU

Sand of KOTOHIKI beach

Can you tell me the difference each other? Of course I can not.

The sand is a relic of old Egipt,B.C.3000. It is a relic of environmental ecology. The sand is exactly alike to the sand of the beach sand in Amino town Kotohiki beach. This is a miraculous coincidence. This is a sufficient evidence that the sand is musical sand and the desert had booming character.
The fact was informed to a famous scholar of ancient Egypt, Dr.S.Yosimura. After 3 years, he invited me to report the fact at his private research institute. The sample of the sand display on the house. You can see the sand through a peephole.

We would like to introduce you to a mystery of pyramid.

A terrestrial glove shows you the places of musical sand in the world.. Why turn upside down?

The sand of this beach can sing in water. This is a large Frog Toy.

Upstair is display room.